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Sally Taher
Eric Sandosham
Founders & Partners
Red & White Consulting Partners LLP was founded by two veteran senior bankers in December 2013
"There are few experts in the field of analytics that have both the depth of knowledge and the flexibility to apply it into the context of human capital the way Eric Sandosham from Red & White Consulting Partners LLP has been able to do. It was a joy working with him to develop our human capital analytics operating model. That set a clear vision and direction for building a sustainable capability in our HR department that will in time, help us change the game in the way we hire, develop and grow our people"

Grace Yip

Chief Operating Officer | HR Management

Group Human Resources

DBS - The Development Bank of Singapore

Global Partnership

United Kingdom | Human Capital Analytics

Thakral One

Singapore | Business Analytics Technology

Maria Sukrisman

Indonesia | Marketing and Brand Analytics

Global Clients
Client | SIA


Client | DBS

Singapore | Shanghai Hong Kong | Indonesia

Client | BCA

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | PP Energi

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | Bank Mandiri

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | CCB

Beijing | China

Client | CGB

Guangzhou | China

Client | Maybank

Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Client | FE Credit

Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam

Client | Credit Monitors

Hong Kong

Client | SAS

Client | Alliance

Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Client | SIF

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | SMU


Client | MASA

Cikarang | Indonesia

Client | Bosowa

Makasar | Indonesia

Client | Kerismas

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | CIMB Niaga

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | Gema Insani

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | Ganesha

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | Commonwealth

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | BTPNS

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | BTPN

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | Ina

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | YCAB

Jakarta | Indonesia

Client | BPK

Jakarta | Indonesia

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