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Global Presence is an essential element of our business strategy.

Weavee | Red&White

We are excited to announce that Red & White has formed a business collaboration with Weavee. Ltd, a fast growing start-up based in London, in the area of Business Intelligence & Human Capital Analytics. London | Oct 2016

Castrol | Red&White

A very nice afternoon discussion with Fifi Henirawati, President Director of PT. Castrol Indonesia, and her management team today. Exploring the approach of data analytics to get deeper understanding of lubricating oil market. Jakarta | Oct 2016

FECredit | Red&White

Providing Financial Analytics for #1 Multifinance Company in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh | Sept 2016

Ganesha | Red&White

Taking picture with Compliance Director and Corporate Secretary of Bank Ganesha on Bank-Wide KPI Re-engineering at their new head office. Jakarta | Oct 2016

Ina Liem | Red&White

I am so honored to be given an opportunity by Ina Setiawati Liem to share my experience in using an appropriate analytical approach to solve human capital problems & to challenge the traditional industrial organisation psychology methods. Book: "Majors for The Future" by Ina Liem. A-must-read book for parents. Jakarta | Aug 2016

Transvision | Red&White

Getting valuable feedback on how to build Sales Acceleration Tool from Brando Tengdom, Sales Director of TransVision Jakarta | Aug 2016

SIF | Red&White

Finally met the President of Korea's biggest credit card company (#5 Worldwide). What I've learned so far: Our reputation is in the hands of others. We can't control that. The only thing we can control is our character.... Jakarta | June 2016

BTPNS | Red&White

Red&White's Interns with Hari Pudjo, one of the key founding members of BTPN Syariah, for showing passion for sharing to our Associate Consultants during their amazing field trip. Jakarta | Aug 2016

DBS | Red&White

We are applying analytic processes to the HR department in the hope of maximising the impact and effectiveness of human capital to drive business outcomes DBS Singapore | February 2016

Thakral | Red&White

Red & White Consulting & Thakral One (a subsidiary of Thakral Group) signed MOU in Dec 2015 to penetrate ASEAN market in the analytics space. Thakral One, headquartered in Singapore, has served over 204 clients through 407 engagements across 11 countries. Singapore | Feb 2016

DBS | Red&White

40+ attendees from Audit, HR, Business and Operations of DBS HK are attending "The Power of Analytics" course, conducted by Red & White Hong Kong | April 2016


Our formal collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU) providing a continuous executive workshop in data science (extracting knowledge & insights from data to drive business outcomes). SMU is ranked as one of Asia's top universities, debuting in the 2015 Financial Times ranking at #10 in Asia and #36 worldwide, making it the highest ranked new entrant in 2015. Singapore | May 2016

Marcia Tal | Red&White

With Marcia Tal, the founder of Tal Solutions & former of Citigroup Global Decision Management Head New York | March 2016

Alliance | Red&White

Providing Sales Incentives Restructuring for Collection & Retail Banking of The Best SME Bank in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur | 2015-2016


We are deeply honoured to have our presence at the office of the Regulator, together with our strategic client; CEO & Board of Directors of Shinhan Indo Finance. Jakarta | 2015

YCAB | Red & White

Proud to be Strategic Partner of YCAB (Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa) | by the end of June 2015, YCAB's HeLP program has touched 2,584,992 youth with partnership with 8,571 schools. Jakarta | Dec 16, 2015

ShinhanIndo | Red&White

We are honoured to have been selected by ShinhanIndo to hire Founding Team Members establishing new Credit Card Business in Indonesia. Dec 13, 2105

Signing Ceremony

Engagement letter signing to start promoting: E2E (Education to Employment) "Bridging The Gap Between University & Corporate World" and Business Analytics to be used by companies committed to data-driven decision making. Red & White Consulting | Integra Komunika | Dec 13, 2015

Inti Malaysia

Red & White today's presentation at INTI International University & Colleges in Malaysia | Topic: "The New Equation ~ Using Data and Analytics to Close The Gap between Student and Corporate Expectations on Career" Kuala Lumpur | Dec 4, 2105

Our Client: GCB

Wrapping up our consulting work in building Business Intelligence & Analytics function for China Guangfa Bank. Guangzhou | Dec 1, 2015


We, Red & White, enjoyed the warmness of North Italian hospitality yesterday. The meeting to explore inventory and production optimization for manufacturers went very well. Mr. Ricardo Mailleta, GM of said: "We are small but we are strong!" Milan | Nov 25, 2015

Red & White i

Red & White Consulting Partners, are thrilled to have a chance meeting Joseph Eugene Stiglitz; recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) & the 4th most influential economist in the world today. Lugano | Nov 23, 2015

The Power of Analytics

The Power of Analytics Workshop by Red & White for DBS. Shanghai | Nov 20, 2015

DBS Indonesia

Afternoon chat with Wawan Salum, Consumer Business Manager of Indonesia DBS | DBS Tower Jakarta | Nov 2015


What an exciting day! Red & White is having two sharing sessions at the same time: Big Data (Jakarta) & Human Analytics (Singapore). Two smart organisations are moving toward advanced analytics to automate significant decisions. ☑ Jakarta: BRI | Big Data: Uncovering Opportunities - Elevating Performance, attended by Board of Directors & Commissioners. ☑ Singapore: DBS | Human Analytics Workshop, attended by HR Professionals from 6 different countries. Nov 2, 2015


Red & White | University Talk | Business Ethics | Picture with Rector and Management Jakarta | Nov 2015

Predictive Analytics

Developing business analytic talents to become capable of converting data into dollars is definitely not easy. But nothing is impossible! We designed from scratch, we launched & finally.. we're truly honoured that 4 banks (local & MNC) have joined our 1st workshop about predicting future outcomes and trends; "Building Powerful Predictive Scorecard Models". Jakarta | Oct 23, 2105


Meeting with Suparman Kusuma, Country Business Manager of Alliance Bank. Kuala Lumpur | Oct 2015

R&W Presentation to the Minister

Red & White Presentation to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Rudiantara. Jakarta | Sept 2015

Our Consulting Works in Guangzhou

Transforming Business Intelligence & Analytics Function Consulting Works for #1 Bank in Guangzhou. Guangzhou | Jul - Nov 2015

Collection Analytics Workshop in HongKong

Collection Analytics Workshop for #1 Collection 3rd Party Agency. Hong Kong | Aug 2015

Watching Bali United with CEO of Multistrada

Watching Bali United with Mr. Pieter Tanuri, CEO of Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk PT. Bali | Apr 2015

Visiting Transcosmos in Tokyo

Presenting Student Analytics and Red & White Consulting Scope to Transcosmos Analytics Tokyo | Aug 2015

Kerismas Presentation

Production & Inventory Management Consulting Works for Galvanized Zinc Manufacturer, PT. Kerismas Witikco Makmur, Feb Jun 2015

Award from Bank Indonesia

Human Analytics Award from Bank Indonesia, March 2015

Our Speech in Dubai

Red & White Presentation to the Middle East and Africa market; presenting "Unleashing Your Analytics Potential". Dubai | May 2015

Our Global Presence

Our Principal Consultants work from two different countries at the same time, Sept 2015

Radio B

The Power to Solve Talk Show, hosted by Yudith Carmelita from Red & White, Every Monday, at Radio B, Bandung, Oct - Dec 2015

Visiting Bali Plus Owner at Tokyo Exhibition

Visiting Mr. Hendra Lapusa, Bali Plus Owner at Tokyo Exhibition. Tokyo | Sept 2015

Eric in Sarawak

10th Triennial Conference of the Association of Asia Pacific Operational Research Societies, Sarawak, Malaysia, 2-6 Aug 2015


"You Think You're Smart but You're Not! How to Develop A Winning Attitude for More Success in a Global Market.", a sharing session to Psychology Students of UHAMKA, Oct 2015

Our Talk at Telkom University

The Power of Critical Thinking, Red & White presentation to Telkom University, Sept 2015

Founder Story at Pikiran Rakyat

The Journey of Red & White Founder, Sally Taher, Pikiran Rakyat, Sept 2015

Critical Thinking Workshop in China

The Power of Critical Thinking Workshop for #1 Bank in Guangzhou, China Guangfa Bank Guangzhou | July 2015

Red & White with Prof. Wayne Cascio

Validating the application of Human Analytics with Prof. Wayne F. Cascio, a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Colorado. Geneva | Jun 2015

Venice International Art

The Power of Art, Red & White Outing to the Venice Biennale International Art. Venice | May 2015

Our Speech in Dubai

Red & White Presentation to the Middle East and Africa market; presenting "Unleashing Your Analytics Potential" Dubai | May 2015

Our Speech in Dubai

Red & White Presentation to the Middle East and Africa market; presenting "Unleashing Your Analytics Potential". Dubai | May 2015

YCAB Board Meeting in Bali

Red & White attending Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) Board Meeting. Bali | Apr 2015

Visiting Pranata Hajadi, The Commissioner of Kerismas Witikco Makmur

Visiting Mr. Pranata Hajadi, The Commissioner of Kerismas Witikco Makmur, Jakarta, Apr 2015

Meeting with Nexira, Rouen, France

Red & White presenting Indonesian Farmer Program for Damar Forestry to Nexira in Rouen. France | May 2105

Validation of Our Human Analytics

Validation of the application of Human Analytics to Prof. Bruce Jenks, a PhD from Oxford University, March 2015

The Power of Analytics for DBS Indonesia

The Power of Analytics Workshop for DBS Indonesia, Jun 2015

Speech at Taiwan Academy of Banking Finance

Red & White Presentation dedicated for Taiwanese bankers and insurance specialists at Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance. Taiwan | Nov 2014

Production & Inventory Management Consulting Works

With Operations & Marketing Director of Kerismas. Production & Inventory Management Consulting Works for Galvanized Zinc Manufacturer, PT. Kerismas Witikco Makmur Jakarta | Feb - Jun 2015

Our First Meeting with The CEO

Our First Meeting with The CEO of Salim Group, Jun 2014

HSBC Wealth and Beyond Personal Economy Forum 2014

HSBC Wealth and Beyond Personal Economy Forum, Ritz Carlton. Jakarta | 2014

Conducting The Power of Analytics Workshop to Our Clients

Conducting The Power of Analytics Workshop for Our Clients, Mulia Hotel. Jakarta | May 2014

Building Retailer Engagement Index

Building Retailer Engagement Index for Cement Manufacturer, Bosowa Cement Group, Jul 2014. Makasar | Jan 2015

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