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We are Extracting Insights from Large Volumes of Data

Our team has 20+ years experiences & complementary expertise in: Human Analytics | Financial Analytics | Business Analytics | Transforming Business Intelligence & Analytics Function | Manufacturing Analytics | the Power to Solve Workshop Program 



Talent Analytics


Data-driven analytical methods and tools to align and optimise Human Capital with business objectives, resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency for organisations. 


It also aims to justify the need for these new tools and methods and that they can indeed detect the effective differences between ‘Star’ and ‘Non-Star performers’ (defined later on) and provide information that allows business’ to make informed decisions about managing their Human Resources.  



Financial Analytics


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Most people have heard of the benefits of financial planning and want to better manage their company finances. We must build a strategic business planning process to achieve sustained business performance and profitability, which include:


Designing the assumptions of business drivers, revenue, expense, non performing loan, loan loss reserve and financial ratio.


Diagnostics and deconstruction of business financial plans to align drivers and assumptions.




Business Analytics ​


We will help you how to create a plan that matches short-term and long-term goals with specific innovative solutions to help meet business profitability.


You need to be working more closely to manage data, meet customer requirements, respond to business process problems, and innovative new services or products. 

  • Exploring data to find new patterns and relationships (data mining)

  • Explaining why a certain result occurred (statistical analysis, quantitative analysis)

  • Experimenting to test previous decisions (A/B testing, multivariate testing)

  • Forecasting future results (predictive modeling, predictive analytics)



How to Build a Powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics Function?


We will help you how to organize, structure and manage a successful Business Intelligence & Analytics program that will give your organization more insight and business opportunity into its data than conventional reporting-based business intelligence can provide. 



Manufacturing: Production & Inventory Management

We will help you how manufacturers in process-based industries are using advanced analytics to increase yields and reduce costs through Production & Inventory Management.


Better forecasts of product demand and production (46%), understanding plant performance across multiple metrics (45%) and providing service and support to customers faster (39%) are the top three areas manufacturing analytics can improve performance. 


These findings are from a recent survey LNS Research and MESA International completed to see where analytics is delivering the greates manufacturing performance improvements today. 



the Power to Solve Workshop


Business Analytics | Talent Management Analytics | Financial Analytics | Manufacturing Analytics | Leadership


Red & White accomodates a holistic and systematic approach to insight-based sharing. We connect the dots through knowledge and experience - on a local and international level.

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