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  • Sean Taher

How A First Year Millennial Sees China’s Credit Card Market Opportunities

The market opportunity for credit card business in China is enormous and it can be found in the form of the potential of growth.

In general, business opportunities in China are often linked to the government’s strategic objectives. Every five years the government presents new strategic industries that will be supported in the form of government grants and subsidies.

Strengthening IT infrastructure including internet infrastructure and e-commerce logistic to increase domestic consumption receives a high degree of government's focus as part of China’s 12th five-year plan (2011-2015). China’s e-commerce has recently surpassed the US’s in size of annual revenue. Every year the e-commerce market grows well over 20% and more Chinese are connected to the internet (59% of the male population uses the internet, while 41% of the users are females).

Increases in government investment in internet infrastructure has a large impact on customer spending patterns and thus offers opportunity to increase credit card penetration.

Our intern, Sean Taher, a freshman from Birkbeck, University of London majored in Economics & Social Policy, has diligently created 7-slide business presentation about Understanding China’s Credit Card Market and Opportunities to Grab.

He shared some actionable insights drawn not at singular data points but at trends that might help business leaders to drive innovation, growth and profitability of credit card business. Please visit writer's website to read more articles.

Chart 1: Opportunities to Grab: Market Share in China

Table 2: New Acquisition Channel in China for Credit Card Market

Table 3: Opportunities to Grab: Internet Acquisition for Credit Card Market in China

Table 4: Pricing and New Acquisition Segment for Credit Card Market in China

Table 5: Young Online Shoppers in China

Table 6: Usage Partnership for Credit Card Market in China

Table 7: Customer Experience for Credit Card Market in China

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